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Krypton ist ein fiktiver Planet in den Geschichten um den Science-Fiction-Helden Superman und Titel oder Titelbestandteil zahlreicher Buch- und Comic-Veröffentlichungen des US-amerikanischen Verlages DC Comics, der die Superman-Comics herausgibt. Als eingetragene Marke ist Krypton das Eigentum des Unterhaltungsunternehmens WarnerMedia, dem Mutterkonzern von DC Comics. Krypton als amerikanischer. Kryptonit, für ein real existierendes chemisches Element siehe Krypton. Kryptonit (engl. Kryptonite) ist ein fiktives Mineral aus dem DC-Universum. Kryptonit ist die bekannteste Schwachstelle von Superman und anderen. Krypton ist ein fiktiver Planet und die Heimat von Superman, Supergirl, General Zod und in den. Krypton ist der Heimatplanet von Superman. Krypton steht kurz vor der Zerstörung, da die.

Krypton Superman

Superman World Of Krypton TP Superman DC Comics: Various, Various: Books. Der Planet hat seinen ersten vollen Auftritt in Superman # 1 (Sommer ). Krypton ist auch die native Welt des Super. Die neue Serie Krypton erzählt die Geschichte von Supermans Heimatplaneten. Im featured-Special erfährst Du alles Wichtige rund um das. The planet is the native world of Superman and is named after the element Krypton. Allen St. The first toy was a wooden doll in made by the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company. Archived from Poker Namen original on December 13, SinceSuperman stories have been regularly published in periodical comic books published by DC Comics. Krypton Superman Da ist selbst der Großvater von Superman machtlos: Die DC-Serie Krypton wurde nach zwei Staffeln abgesetzt. Auch bei einem weiteren. Krypton-Special III: Die vielen Feinde des Superman. Auch einer der stärksten, wenn nicht sogar der stärkste, Superheld im DC-Universum benötigt ebenbürtige​. Superman World Of Krypton TP Superman DC Comics: Various, Various: Books. Der Planet hat seinen ersten vollen Auftritt in Superman # 1 (Sommer ). Krypton ist auch die native Welt des Super. Die neue Serie Krypton erzählt die Geschichte von Supermans Heimatplaneten. Im featured-Special erfährst Du alles Wichtige rund um das.

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Cameron Cuffe Seg-El 20 episodes, Georgina Campbell Lyta-Zod 20 episodes, Shaun Sipos Adam Strange 20 episodes, Ann Ogbomo Jayna-Zod 20 episodes, Aaron Pierre Dev-Em 20 episodes, Rasmus Hardiker Kem 20 episodes, Wallis Day Nyssa-Vex 20 episodes, Blake Ritson Val-El 20 episodes, Colin Salmon Jax-Ur 13 episodes, Elliot Cowan Learn more More Like This.

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The Gifted — Action Drama Fantasy. Doom Patrol TV Series Action Adventure Comedy. The adventures of an idealistic mad scientist and his field team of superpowered outcasts.

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Edit Storyline Set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel's home planet, KRYPTON follows Superman's grandfather - whose House of El was ostracized and shamed - as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his beloved world from chaos.

Taglines: Bad day to be a hero. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Blake Ritson described Brainiac as a dark version of Noah: "Generally speaking, people cast themselves as the hero in their own narrative.

He traverses the universe in a gigantic skull ship, ripping cities out of planets, miniaturizing them and placing them on board, but he does so in the spirit of conservation.

In his mind, he considers it to be saving all of creation. It turns green the color of kryptonite, radioactive Kryptonian earth and explodes foreshadowing Krypton's fate.

The WB logo appears from the explosion, shaded green. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: USA.

Language: English. Runtime: 45 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Seg-El 20 episodes, Lyta-Zod 20 episodes, Adam Strange 20 episodes, Jayna-Zod 20 episodes, Dev-Em 20 episodes, Kem 20 episodes, Nyssa-Vex 20 episodes, Val-El 20 episodes, The formerly lush garden world was burned and blasted to a desert, and a sterile society—emotionally unlike its predecessor—emerged.

The population lived isolated from one another in widely separated technological citadels, shunning all personal and physical contact, to the point that even families would only interact with each other via communication devices.

Procreation became a matter of selecting compatible genetic material to be placed within an artificial womb called a "birthing matrix," the parents rarely even meeting in person and never touching one another.

The planetary government grew deeply isolationist and forbade space exploration and communication with other worlds. The young scientist Jor-El was born into this world.

By his adult years, a mysterious "Green Plague" was killing Kryptonians by the thousands, and upon researching the matter, Jor-El discovered that its cause was growing radiation produced by Krypton's increasingly unstable core.

This process was going to cause the planet to explode. Unable to convince his associates to abandon tradition and consider escape, and reasoning that modern Kryptonian society had grown cold, unfeeling and sterile, Jor-El removed the Eradicator's planetary binding genes from his unborn son Kal-El's genetic pattern, took Kal-El's birthing matrix and attached a prototype interstellar propulsion system to the vessel.

Jor-El was not only determined that his son would survive the death of his birthworld, but that he would grow up on a world that vibrantly embraced living, as his forebears once did.

A central theme of this version of the Superman mythos was that the character was to remain the last surviving remnant of Krypton. Thus, Silver Age elements such as Supergirl , Krypto , and Kandor had never existed in this version though Post- Crisis versions of these elements were eventually reintroduced.

The supervillain Doomsday was revealed in the s as a being genetically engineered by Bertron, an alien scientist, on an ancient Krypton.

Doomsday left the planet after killing Bertron and Krypton's natives found the remains of Bertron's lab, thus obtaining the knowledge of cloning.

In the newer continuity, Superman also became aware of his alien heritage only sometime after his debut as a superhero - initially assuming himself to be a human mutated in some manner and launched as part of an Earth space program - when a holographic program encoded into the craft which brought him to Earth uploaded the information into his brain although Lex Luthor had earlier discovered his alien heritage when his attempts to create a clone of Superman were complicated by the unexpected x-factor of Superman's alien DNA.

In Action Comics May , Krypton was close enough to Earth that the radiation from its explosion traveling only at light speed was able to reach Earth.

In a storyline, Superman traveled to the former site of Krypton to discover that the planet was slowly reforming from the vast sphere of debris remaining.

It would take millions of years before the planet would be solid again. This sphere of debris had been turned to kryptonite by the planet's destruction, and the radiation caused Superman to have a hallucination in which the entire population of Krypton came to Earth and colonized the already inhabited planet, prompting Jor-El to initiate a Terran-based resistance movement, pitting him against his estranged wife Lara and now-grown son Kal-El, at which point the hallucination ended.

In a Starman storyline, Jack Knight became lost in time and space, and landed on Krypton several years before its destruction, meeting Jor-El as a young man.

The story implies that it was this early meeting with a Terran that led Jor-El to study other worlds and eventually choose Earth as the target for his son's spacecraft; at the story's end, Jack gives Jor-El a device with the coordinates and images of Earth.

In a — storyline, an artificial version of the Pre- Crisis Krypton was created in the Phantom Zone by Brainiac 13 , a descendant of the original Brainiac who had traveled back in time to the present.

In the miniseries Superman: Birthright , a new retelling of Superman's origin and early years, Mark Waid located Krypton in the Andromeda Galaxy 2.

In previous comic versions, it was assumed the "S" shield on Superman's costume simply stood for "Superman"; in Birthright , Waid presented it as a Kryptonian symbol of hope ; he borrowed and modified a concept from Superman: The Movie , wherein the "S" was the symbol of the House of El, Superman's ancestral family.

Beginning with Infinite Crisis , writer Geoff Johns began laying subtle hints to a new origin for Superman. Last Son , a storyline co-written by Geoff Johns and Superman film director Richard Donner , further delves into this version of Krypton which reintroduces General Zod and the Phantom Zone criminals into mainstream continuity.

With art by Adam Kubert , the design of Kryptonian society is distinct yet again from Birthright , incorporating elements of both Pre- Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity and Donner's work on the first two Christopher Reeve films, in particular the notion of Krypton's Council threatening Jor-El with harsh punishment were he to make public his predictions of their planet's imminent doom.

Multi-ethnic versions of Kryptonians that resemble Africans and Asians have also made appearances in the stories. Previously, "black" Kryptonians were mainly confined within the Kryptonian continent of Vathlo Island , but a storyline depicted Kryptonians resembling black and Asian humans who were more integrated into Kryptonian society than they were in the Silver and pre-Modern Age DC Universe.

A scientific utopia. I wanted to explore Krypton as the world of super people. What would happen if they worked it all out, if they lived for years with amazing technology?

If his strength makes him the Man of Steel, then the ideologies that rule his planet make Superman the Man of Tomorrow. Tyson assisted DC Comics in selecting a real-life star that would be an appropriate parent star to Krypton.

He picked Corvus, which is Latin for "crow", [20] [21] because Superman's high school mascot is a crow. He explained that many artists may only use bits and pieces of science, allowing for greater latitude in their creativity, but, he said, he wanted to show that using real science, particularly astrophysics, allows for just as much creativity.

The first non-comics version of Krypton was presented in the debut storyline of the s Superman radio series. In the radio show, Krypton was part of our Solar System , a Counter-Earth sharing Earth's orbit but on the opposite side of the Sun, hidden from view of the Earth "Krypton" derives from the Greek word for "hidden".

Some comics of the early s suggested a similar theory, but in general the comics have depicted Krypton as being in a far-away star system.

In the first feature-length Superman film in , a vastly less idyllic image of Krypton was presented. Whereas in the comics Krypton was colorful and bright, the film depicted the planet with stark bluish-white terrain of jagged frozen plateaus under heavy, dark skies.

The planet was threatened by their sun turning into a supernova. Jor-El unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the council of elders to immediately evacuate the planet.

Kryptonians themselves were portrayed as coolly cerebral and morally enlightened, clad in stark white bodysuits emblazoned with each family's house symbol.

The architecture featured halls of white crystal under crystalline arches. The crystalline motif was employed not only in the architecture, but in the landscape and technology as well, suggesting that the entire planet had been adapted and altered by Kryptonian influence.

In , Krypton was ultimately destroyed when its red sun began to collapse; the planet was pulled into the sun and steadily crushed, then exploded in the ensuing supernova.

When Krypton was destroyed, fragments from the planet were launched into space, resulting in the creation of a harmful radioactive substance known as kryptonite.

Both Jor-El and Lara preserved some part of their "essence" in the form of virtual copies of themselves in the starship that took three years to bring their child to Earth.

On Clark Kent 's eighteenth birthday, a glowing crystal revealed itself in the ship and compelled Clark to take it north. He eventually reached the Arctic , where the crystal constructed the massive crystalline Fortress of Solitude.

Inside, an artificially intelligent hologram of Jor-El appeared to him and initiated twelve years of Kryptonian education.

These virtual versions of Jor-El and Lara remained as constructs within the Fortress throughout the series. Superman's symbol was given a Kryptonian origin in the film.

Male Kryptonians were shown wearing unique symbols on the chests of their robes, similar to a family crest ; Jor-El and Kal-El wore the familiar S-shield, which Lois Lane later assumed to be the letter S from the familiar Latin alphabet , and thus dubs him "Superman".

The movie Superman Returns presents a version of Krypton almost identical to Superman. In the beginning of the film, scientists discover remains of Krypton, and Superman leaves Earth for five years to look for it.

His ship is seen leaving the dead planet. The planet is destroyed when the red supergiant Rao becomes a supernova. Superman Returns extends the crystalline Kryptonian technology from Superman which allowed young Clark Kent to "grow" the Fortress of Solitude.

Kryptonian crystals are able to grow huge land masses and incorporate the properties of the surrounding environment; a sliver taken from one of the crystals used to test the theory causes Lex Luthor's basement to be filled with a huge crystal structure.

Growing land in this manner causes widespread power failure. Lex Luthor later combines one of the crystals with kryptonite and shoots it into the ocean, creating a new land mass he calls "New Krypton".

Superman uses his heat vision to get under the crust of the island and throws it into space, including the other crystals that Luthor wanted to use to set up a real estate scam, despite the warning that many people would die from the massive tsunamis and earthquakes that the crystals would create.

The novelization by Marv Wolfman states that one of Superman's ancestors helped civilize Krypton long ago. The film Man of Steel adds strong dystopian elements to Krypton and its fate.

The planet is portrayed as having an Earth-like terrain composed of mountains, canyons and oceans.

The planet is 8. Its parent star Rao is depicted as a 13 billion year old red dwarf sun. Its gravity is much higher than that of Earth, and its atmospheric composition is unsuitable for humans.

It is also shown to have a natural satellite. Kryptonian society is divided into houses, such as the House of El. Citizens wear the crests of their house over their chests, which hold meanings, such as the crest of House of El meaning "hope".

Kryptonian civilization is at least , years old and many millennia more advanced than human civilization on Earth, and had begun exploring the Milky Way Galaxy.

Kryptonians later abandon these projects in favor of isolationism and artificial population control, engineering newborns for pre-determined roles in society.

The planet's resources were strained, and the stability of the planet was threatened by careless mining of the planet's core.

In hopes of preserving the Kryptonian race, Jor-El steals the genetic Codex of the planet a list holding the DNA pattern of everyone yet to be born on Krypton and infuses it into the cells of Kal-El, the first natural-born child on Krypton in centuries, and sends his son to Earth.

Zod kills Jor-El and is arrested by the authorities. He and his followers are banished to the Phantom Zone shortly before Krypton is destroyed.

Maggin contains descriptions of Krypton, mainly referencing the Silver Age version; it describes the planet as a "failed star" with massive surface gravity and extremely hostile, glaciated conditions, which forced extreme adaptation and rapid evolution in the descendants of humanoid space travelers and their dogs who became stranded on its surface in prehistory.

This led to an extremely strong, dense, and durable Kryptonian species with unusual physical properties. Maggin describes the rise of a civilization which uses geothermal heat as its primary power source, developing science and technology, but finding it difficult to escape the massive world's gravity.

Eventually its internal nuclear reactions led to Krypton's explosion. Novelist Kevin J. Anderson presents approximately the last Earth year before Krypton's destruction in the novel The Last Days of Krypton.

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DC Comics. Dorling Kindersley. With that, editor E. Nelson Bridwell oversaw a project that evolved into comics' first official limited series - World of Krypton

Krypton Superman - Krypton: Superman-Prequelserie nach zwei Staffeln abgesetzt

Der Mann aus Stahl befindet sich zudem in einem Zwiespalt: Einerseits ist er als Überbleibsel seines zerstörten Heimatplaneten eines der einsamsten Wesen auf der Welt, andererseits ist einer der wenigen Mitkryptonier, der nicht gestorben ist, ein wahnsinniger Despot, der einen menschlichen Genozid beschwören möchte. Der übermenschlich starke Metallo ist also bestens geeignet, um sich Superman manchmal als Hauptbösewicht oder als Helfershelfer eines anderen Bösewichts entgegenzustellen. So oder so, sein Körper wurde in der Folge mit metallischen und mechanischen roboterartigen Ersatzteilen ausgestattet, die wiederum durch Kryptonit als Energiequelle betrieben wurden. Ein erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann, der in unserer hyperkapitalistischen Welt wahrscheinlich als Held gefeiert würde. Es ist die einzige klassische Form von Kryptonit neben dem neu erfundenen schwarzen Kryptonit , die auch in den modernen Nach- Krisen -Comics existiert, sowie die häufigste Variante des Kryptonits. Superman konnte gegen ihn auch mit seiner gebündelten Stärke und anderen Super-Gimmicks nichts ausrichten. Kryptonians später diese Projekte zugunsten von Isolationismus und künstlicher Geburtenkontrolle, Engineering Neugeborene für vorgegebene Rollen in der Gesellschaft im Stich lassen. Einer der ältesten, berühmtesten und skurrilsten Superman-Widersacher besitzt die einzigartige, magische Donezk Frankfurt, den Mann in Strumpfhosen und Cape in den Wahnsinn zu treiben. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Kryptonians hatte ihre fortschrittliche Technologieum überleben zu können. Zod tötet Jor-El und wird von den Behörden verhaftet. Ein Lotto Bayern Mittwoch unmöglicher Gegner für Superman, der ja, wie bekannt sein sollte, auf das kryptonische Element Wimbledon 2020 Herren reagiert. News 22 Monate. Ein ebenbürtiger Gegner, Krypton Superman auch zu den berühmtesten Widersachern Supermans zählt. Dies führte zu einer extrem starken, dicht und haltbar Em Tickets Deutschland Spezies mit ungewöhnlichen physikalischen Eigenschaften. Einige Werke, wie Kevin J. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ein ebenbürtiger Gegner, der auch zu den berühmtesten Widersachern Supermans zählt. In der Serie Smallville Beste Spielothek in Ostervesede finden es eine ähnliche Wirkung. Darkseid entwickelte sich zu einem von Supermans Erzfeinden, der auch noch gegen die Justice League kämpfen sollte. Sein Mutterstern Beste Spielothek in Thesenvitz finden als Jahre alte rote Zwergsonne dargestellt. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Krypton ist in der Regel in den Comics als die Heimat einer phantastisch fortgeschrittenen Zivilisation, porträtiertdie auf tragische Weise zerstört wirdwenn der Planet explodiert. Sie beschreibt wie Krypton durch eine Naturkatastrophe oder durch einen nuklearen Krypton Superman vernichtet wird. Dies führte zu einer extrem starken, dicht und haltbar Kryptonian Spezies mit ungewöhnlichen physikalischen Eigenschaften.

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Je nachdem, in welcher Superman-Ära sich der Comicleser gerade befindet, muss auch mit einer anderen Origin-Story gerechnet werden: John Corben, Metallos richtiger Name, war sowohl ein Soldat als auch ein Kleinganove, der einmal schwer verletzt wurde und sich ein anderes Mal freiwillig für eine experimentelle Operation meldete. Der Planet wird zerstört , wenn der rote Überriese Rao a wird Supernova. Dieser Prozess würde der Planeten zu explodieren. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Hintergrunddetails werden von anderen Krypton Geschichten gekeult. Die Zusammensetzung und der Ursprung von silbernem Kryptonit ist nicht bekannt. Darkseid entwickelte sich zu einem von Supermans Erzfeinden, der auch noch gegen die Justice League kämpfen sollte. Unter Www Freie Spiele De befand sich das Gerät als Zerstörer bekannt. Hauptartikel: Daxam. Es schwächt Superman und seine Körperaura und kann ihn schlussendlich töten, wenn er ihm über einen längeren Zeitraum ausgesetzt ist, insbesondere, wenn Rng AbkГјrzung längere Zeit in seinen Körper eingedrungen ist.

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Einige Comics der frühen er Jahre vorgeschlageneine Krypton Superman Theorie, aber im Allgemeinen der Comics haben Krypton dargestellt wie in einem weit entfernten Sternsystem zu sein. Die Wiederholung der Vorwochenfolge ist jeweils Beste Spielothek in Reautz finden In Zusammenarbeit mit. Seine Schwerkraft ist viel höher als das der Erde, und Beste Spielothek in Lankenreuth finden Zusammensetzung der Atmosphäre ist nicht geeignet für die Menschen. Sein Schiff ist zu Beste Spielothek in OsloГџ findendie toten Planeten zu verlassen. Die isolationistische planetaren Regierung verbot Raum zu erforschen und mit anderen Welten zu kommunizieren. Als Family Guy Serie interessante Variante des Frankenstein-Mythos fürchten sich auch Braniacs Erzeuger schnell vor dessen Macht, mit der sie ihn selbst ausgestattet haben und mit der er fremde Welten erobern soll. Iconic Summer Movies to Watch Beste Spielothek in Eschelhof finden. He defines this ideology as a means of Hot5 individualism, consumerism, and democracy and as something that took shape around WWII and underpinned the war effort. The earliest newspaper strips name the planet "Krypton", the baby "Kal-L", and his biological parents "Jor-L" and "Lora"; [] their names Action Spiele Kostenlos changed to "Jor-el", and "Lara" in a spinoff novel by George Lowther. She is Inside Spiel ErklГ¤rung fellow journalist at the Daily Planet. Its usage was almost always preceded by "a.


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